17 October 2012

Pinterest WINS

If you're like me, Pinterest should really be called "Yeah...I'll get to that." Except, I probably won't get to all of it. I have, however, gotten to some of it, and I will share with you the things I've pinned so far that worked out for me: 

I tried the blueberry maple and the raspberry vanilla. I can vouch for the blueberry maple. I get a large container of Fage Greek yogurt every week from Costco and I make a double batch of the stuff once or twice a week and store it in a glass snap-lid container, to dole out as needed. It makes a great snack or light breakfast.

I've been making kale chips for a long time now. My kids love them (I know, right??) So I have found  these zucchini chips to be pretty satisfying as well. Easy on the salt, though, once they shrink up in the oven they can become easily over-salted. 

Bake (no boil) corn (Link no longer works)
If you can't grill it, bake it in the husk. Zomg! It is so crisp and flavorful. (of course it helps I live in Illinois and used corn from mid September.) 350 degrees for about 25-30 minutes. Lay the cobs, husk on, flat on the rack. After cooking, the husk & silk peels right off.

(not the one we made)

Father's Day Handprint Art (Link no longer works)
We did this little project last Father's Day. It is easy on a broke-ass budget and the kids got a kick out of tracing their hands. Ours is in the front hall over our coat rack. You trace everyone's hands, glue one on top of the other & pop it in a frame. The original creator wrote the family name in silver marker, I printed ours.

Mustard maple chicken thighs (aka "Man-Pleasing" Chicken)
I am always on the lookout for easy. With three little kids, I simply don't have the time to be dicking around with gourmet recipes. This one has 5 ingredients: Dijon mustard (I used Trader Joe's stone-ground brand & it worked much better than plain Dijon), maple syrup, a splash of rice vinegar, chicken thighs and a pinch of rosemary. Super simple, very tasty.

Again with the ease- factor. I froze the chicken breasts in the marinade to pull out for whenever. It turned out great. I also added more Greek Yogurt, plus a teense of salt and pepper to the relish. Makes for a good dinner and the kids love things they assemble themselves.

3 ingredient crock pot tacos (link no longer works)
Are you sensing a pattern here? Basically, you take 3 or 4 chicken breasts, a packet of taco seasoning (I make my own) and a jar of your favorite salsa. Crock it for 4-6 hours. Shred during the last half hour or so. Scoop into tortillas with whatever fixin's you like. Done and done.

I cook a lot and I have 3 too many kids making epic messes all over the house, so I never have time for a good deep-cleaning. My stove grates were BLACK. I thought there was no hope. But then I found simple instructions to leave the grates in Ziploc bags with a little ammonia. WOW. They're grey ceramic. I had   completely forgotten.

Anyone else out there have any success with a Pinterest project or recipe? I'd like to think I'm using it for more than amassing an impossible list of things to pressure myself to "get to." 

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