22 October 2012

The New New Deal by Michael Grunwald

The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama EraThe New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era by Michael Grunwald
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Michael Grunwald's 500+ page undertaking to explain every step of President Obama's Recovery Act and not only where the $800 billion dollar stimulus package went, but how it actually worked, reads easy - like a good report from a credible journalist(which it is.) The New New Deal gives insight into the congress men and women behind one of the biggest acts of transformative legislation in history and the steps it took to create, negotiate and enact it. The scope of the tax breaks, green energy explosion, rail innovation, construction, rehabilitation, and revitalization of America makes me hopeful for our future. (Did you know we have a DARPA group for energy now? How cool is that??) But let me tell you, If you weren't pissed off at congress before, you will be after reading this book to find out just how much partisan politics has f*cked us. If you have (or think you're entitled to) an opinion on the subject, this is required reading.

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