01 July 2012

Whose America, Now?

"I want my country back." -- some retard.

Have you ever said this? If so, STOP IT. Just stop.You are lamenting a daydream you have about an era that never existed. Not ever. There never was an America where we all got along, believed in God, and paddled around in a stream of stew and whiskey too in a big canoe on the big rock candy mountain. 

This America of which you distort has a history of over 235 years. So do tell me, what time would you like to revisit? This stuff?

Old timey kids weren't pussies like the ones today. Of course many of them died and were permanently disfigured, but they loved it.
 last chopper out of Saigon, there's something we can be proud of.
 Civil War, that was fun.
 Oh yes, the soup lines of the Depression! That was some tasty soup.
 Back when women knew their place.
 Remember that time when people needed Unions and why? Of course not.
These kids are so smart, they grew up into the old men that complained what ignorant layabouts those negroes are and complain about welfare.

(All that without one shot of a slave or Native American, too. I didn't want to have to be too heavy-handed, you know.) 

The point is, Mr. or Mrs. "I want my 'Murica back," is that this never was your America. It is and always has been OUR America. (Well, since we ripped it from the cold, dead, bloody and beaten hands of it's indigenous peoples, of course.) This is an America full of immigrants. This is an America of all kinds of religions and no religion at all. This is an America full of men women and transgendered people. Straight, gay and bisexual. Black, white, brown, tan, yellow, albino. The fit and strong, the chronically ill and disabled. Liberal and conservative and independent and moderate and anarchist and socialist and capitalist. Humble beginnings and silver spoons.Old and young. Wealthy and needy. America is both great and terrible. ALL OF IT. All of us. Not just you and your like-minded buddies.

Instead of growing up and facing the greater world which can be chaotic and scary and full of change, you are creating a delusion of a time and place, nuzzled to your mother's breast, so you do not have to put effort into reinventing yourself and helping to be part of a solution to any of our great country's flaws.When you are  dreaming of 'your' country, where everyone shared a cool glass of milk from the farmstand after church, and no one was ever evil,  you are lying to yourself instead of accepting the differences in other people that frighten your narrow mind. 

In the end, you are only setting yourself up for failure and a lifetime of disappointment if you wear rose colored glasses all of the time. America hasn't "changed." It is a juggernaut of perpetual motion, progress and change. It always has been. You just haven't been alive for all those years to see it.

But you can venture out of your dream world any time and get to know the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

I Want My Country Back is about freedom. Your freedom to believe in God, or not to believe in God. Your belief is your free will, and whatever your belief may be, it is no threat to any other man, unless you intend to harm others.

If you honor every man's God given right to be free, then you will see freedom as something sacred, for each and every man, including yourself. No man has any authority over any other man.

Without freedom, you can't be anything, even a blogger. If you don't believe in God, then go ask the State what your "rights" are.


misshum22 said...

Okay. I'll pass on your video link. Is this freedom of which you speak only about religion? Because I do have the right to be Agnostic (if you're wondering)and you have the right to be a Christian.I don't see any problems there.Although laws may be passed to legalize things you do not agree with, no one is stopping you from worshiping in the way you see fit. And those laws are passing because the will of the people is in their favor. You may not like it, but again, you're not the only one living here. And you are not forced to participate.

I would like to know if you feel any of your other freedoms are being impinged upon.What are you not free to do or say? What is pressing on your "God-given rights" and what are your "God-given rights," exactly?

After you answer that, please tell me when in American history, we all had this complete freedom?

And finally, do you realize it's not your country, but ours? All of ours, as in the collective "we."