05 July 2012

A Slightly Odd, But Satisfying 4th of July

So the beer was Boddingtons, but we poured it in 
a White Castle glass, so it all evens out. 'MERICA!

Our Fourth was a little different this year. It was the first year we had no plans at all. No BBQ to attend, no get-together to scramble and cook for, no fireworks display to camp out for.We just hung around the house, let the kids play with copious amounts of water  and grilled some onions, bacon and burgers. It was 102 degrees outside. I kept a water gun on me at all times to keep the hair on the nape of my neck wet. We ended up on the scorched lawn after dark, watching the neighbors on our side of the block and down the street blow off dueling firework displays. My favorites are the ones that go "BOOM." The pretty ones are neat to look at, but the rib rattling ones make you feel alive.

"I hate smoke bombs. They're just bad for the environment." -- Good Girl.

It's always weird when you have a holiday in the middle of the week. Now I feel like it should be Sunday, though it feels like a Monday. But the thing is, it's Thursday, which means two more days until the weekend. It's a no-real-win situation. The good news is all that heat yesterday has made the children rather quiet today.  Maybe we'll have an indoor rest today. We'll pretend it's Sunday, like it's supposed to be.

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