17 February 2012

I am going analog.

My newfound migraines have made me wary of my computer screen. Did I say “migraines”? I meant the inoperable and terminal brain tumor that is surely growing inside of my skull. It lurks there along with the ticking time bomb heart defect that causes my palpitations and the pancreatic cancer that masquerades itself as mild twinge-like nerve damage from my case of shingles a few years ago. It’s a wonder I’m not dead yet, huh?

In the meantime, I have decided that I am going to limit my time at the computer so I can give my eyes, and by “eyes,” I mean the tumor, a much-needed rest. So I am going to write the first draft of Black Tendrils in a notebook. I am hoping this will be good for me, being able to start from the beginning once again and then having a nice solid edit when I type it up in a few months (hopefully.) I have a feeling, though, it will just mean a lot of eraser shavings.

What will it be like to go back into time, before computers, and even the typewriter? Before the days of zillions of maddening distractions, just a mouse click away? No delete key, no forum chats with familiar strangers.  Just me and my mechanical pencils and composition notebooks…

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cath c said...

hey, i still keep various journals (as well as envelops on steering wheel jots) and find my writing flows better by hand than typing.

go for it.