26 February 2012

Where I’ve Been (as if you care)

After my migraines, I injured my neck. This caused even more headaches, as the muscle created so much tension that it crept up the back of my head. It felt like someone cracked me with a 2x4, so I spent last weekend popping ibuprofen and wrapping a hot pack around my neck, to vey little avail.

When it finally receded, Wolfman’s cough turned into a nasty upper-respiratory infection. On top of that, he is cutting 8 teeth at once. The poor boy’s nose was so full of snot,  he couldn’t breathe through it, but his mouth was so full of drool, he couldn’t breathe through that, either. He was really struggling for a few nights. Then he got a fever. The same night this happened, Good Girl woke up crying that her ear hurt so bad she couldn’t sleep. Took her in the following morning to find out she has fluid in her ear. I asked the doc to look at Wolfman, too, because he had been crying for two days and nights straight. Apparently, with good reason – he had a double ear infection.

Of course this all coincides with the time Viking’s work schedule goes from regular 8-6 plundering and pillaging to full berserker mode. I don’t see him until well after all the kids have been put to bed.

The good news is Wolfman is doing much better, Good Girl’s ear is fine and the Viking should be back to regular hours after this weekend. Last night I finally got some sleep without my little guy moaning and crying and spraying infectious snotty drool in my face. But, as things go, I slept in a bad position and now my neck is jacked-up again. Life giveth and life taketh, right?

I have a few posts going up this week, as I will (hopefully) be busy putting graphite to paper and hammering out my first chapter. I will also be trying to work out again, just no more push-ups and sit-ups for the sake of my neck. Yes, I failed my challenges, but I am not down completely. I am going to be utilizing my treadmill and doing some yoga tapes I found on Nexflix for the next 6 or 7 weeks. I am going to keep it real simple until Disney. After that, my neck should be 100% and I will be free to screw it up again in spectacular fashion.

Sometimes I wish I was a cyborg.

cyborgNo, not that one.

terminatorNah, too monosyllabic and inflexible. 

NUP_102461_0007Stylish and sexy, but I need something more…

Samreplicator Here we go, this bitch would eat the other three for breakfast.

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