18 June 2013

The Butterfly Sister by Amy Gail Hansen

Full disclosure: Amy is a good friend of mine. I met her in Writer's Group and when we started talking it was like, "How have we not been friends all our lives?" She's the kind of instant-sister who you can pass 5 hours in what feels like 5 minutes. I have always admired her ability to use details to convey the subtlety of emotions and backstory. I am so thrilled and proud she has been picked up by Harper Collins. She is a great writer and a hard worker and is so deserving of this success. Also, she doesn't know this yet, but we are going to be writing a book together soon (about the shared apartment, if you're reading this. I can't get it out of my head.)

Anyway, on to The Butterfly Sister. This is a chick-lit book about change, growing up and becoming your own woman... but not in a cheesy feminine product ad kind of way. Nope. This is a thriller that starts with the arrival of a mystery suitcase belonging to a missing girl, who our broken heroine tries to avenge for her own reasons. This detective work takes her back to Tarble, the college she dropped out of right before the end of her senior year, and back to a cast of characters from her past, all appearing a bit A LOT more sinister now, given the circumstances. Without spoiling anything, I'll say this. I expected a twist, but I did not see that one coming. I loved the changes you made since draft one. Again, you had me flipping pages to see who done it. And the diary entries, clever girl.

Congratulations, Amy! You wrote a great book and you'll write a lot more and I will buy them all.


Amy Hansen said...

Thank you, thank, you thank you for this fabulous review. You are a great and true friend and a hell of a writer yourself, so the compliments mean so much. I have an awesome idea about the shared apartment. Will write you separately so know one steals our cool idea!

Adam said...

Hey EM, is everything going all right? Just caught the March post. I have some tech contacts and can probably get V a couple interviews, depends what he does. Any way we can discuss in private?

EM Hum said...

Thanks Adam! We are fine as can be! Great new job & I live next to a mountain now. :)

Adam said...

Good to hear, the kids are getting ready to climb them too. You ever wanna come out west I'll keep an eye out on your posts. Take care.