03 March 2013

LiveFit : Month Two, Down the Hatch.

During the first phase of Jamie Eason's LiveFit plan, we worked on building a solid muscle foundation. Phase two was geared toward hitting your muscles from all different angles and adding cardio to the mix 4 days a week. It is quite challenging, even without a gym. There are still a few things I cannot do, because I don't have the proper equipment, but I try to substitute wherever I can. 

The diet is still the same, small protein packed meals spaced throughout the day, but this time we're counting calories and weighing everything out to the ounce. This may sound tedious (and it is, at first) but it puts into perspective how much you are really eating. 

I may have lost a pound this last week. I think my lack of weight loss is due to packing on all this muscle. At least that's what I tell myself. Things have definitely changed. I look different, muscular. Leaner, for sure. 

Two apps have helped me immensely this past 4 weeks, the C25K trainer (just google it, there's one for every phone) and a windows app called Livescape that counts not only calories but all your nutrition, plus exercise and more. I'm 4 weeks into the running program and I finally feel like my cardio is starting to make progress. I don't want to die too badly yet, anyway. 

There is just one problem... I have an injury. Something on the side of my heel and underneath has given out and swelled up. It hurts to even walk on it and I'm having that creepy nerve tingling, too. I'm going to apply the RICE treatment, but I'm afraid I might not be able to workout for a few days, possibly a week as to not aggravate anything. This is a scary prospect, as the next four weeks are intense HIIT circuit training and I really don't want to have to repeat a running week. With all that is going on otherwise at the moment, I don't know what I'm going to do if I can't workout for long. 

I have to put it in perspective, things could always be worse. But let's hope we'll never have to know. 

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