01 October 2012

New Digs, Kids.

As you may have noticed, a few things have changed. Nothing too wild and crazy, as I am still the same person doing much of the same things, but take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new and resurrected features:

On the sidebar, we have a search feature, and a tag cloud so you can find pieces that tickle your fancy. 

My Twitter feed is just sitting there, waiting for you to follow it.

I'll be posting book reviews through Goodreads, so you can find all that jazz through the bookshelf link over there. 

Oh, and if you click on the glass of wine, it will tell you how to get life-changing, Grade-A advice from yours truly.

Poke around, check it out and I'll be back as usual on Monday, after the big, neighborhood "Garage Sale Extravaganza" weekend. Until then, keep calm and get in the TARDIS.

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