04 August 2012

Free Speech, You Say?

I know we've all grown weary of Chick-Fil-A. For me, the weariness is a direct result of brazen stupidity and bigotry masquerading as "free speech." People angrily eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at a nasty fast food joint and lying as to why they're doing it. "Free Speech," they say. But come on, be honest. You hate fags and/or you simply hate "liberals." 

Because this has nothing to do with free speech. Free speech is alive and well. Cathy can say whatever he wants to whomever he wants at any time. He's not being silenced or jailed. You are free to line up for a mediocre chicken giblet sack with a scowl on your face and all kinds of silly racist, homophobic, venomous shit can emanate from your facehole. No one is stopping you. You are not being silenced or arrested.  

See, the thing that many of you grease gobblers are failing to understand about free speech is the fact that free speech doesn't mean free from the consequences of said speech. Free speech doesn't mean no one has the right to criticize what you say, or refuse to patronize your establishment because of what you say. Free speech means you can tell someone you hate them fags or niggers or liberals or goddamn feminists. It also means fags and niggers and liberals and goddamn feminists can speak back. Yeah, sorry, it's not 1812, it's 2012. That shit doesn't fly as easy (though I am embarrassed that it still does in some circles.) You don't like being judged about it, though, do you? So instead of saying "I hate these different people that scare me," you make up something about "free speech" and "both sides." Yeah...T for nice Try. 

I won't even go into the fact that it's not about what Cathy said, but the monetary donations going to groups that try to remove equal rights, straighten out homosexuals and aid a campaign of oppression and terror in other countries. If the public feels they want to boycott, they are - free - do do so. Again, your speech has consequences. I know you feel freedom should only apply to you and what you wish you could say through your grease-stained lips, but it applies to everyone. And you will be judged by society. No amendment protects you from that.

Now that we're clear, go ahead and speak your mind. be honest. Don't lie. Or are you ashamed of the truth? That you're either a bigot or you are so stupid that you have fallen victim to being a partisan zombie. You don't know why you're eating that chicken sandwich, but you're sure you hate them liberals. 

*If you went to Chick-Fil-A to support your local franchise, this is not directed at you. I appreciate that standpoint and have no opinion on the restaurant in general. I feel money should be removed from politics altogether so that we don't have to muddle people's jobs and livelihoods with this kind of crap. 

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