25 July 2012

Meatless Monday

So, I've started Meatless Mondays. It was completely spontaneous, as in, I forgot to pull any flesh from the freezer on Monday afternoon. While I don't buy into all the hype and fear about meat consumption (I think meat is very healthy in the proper portions), there is a growing body of evidence that American's disproportionate meat consumption is causing a pretty hefty carbon footprint. Not to mention meat is expensive and, I concede, we're probably eating a little too much of it. 

Okay, shhhhh... don't tell anyone, bu my real goal is to spend less money and not work too hard on dinner the first day of the week. I haven't even told the Viking, yet. I already know what he's going to say:

Perhaps I won't come out and say "meatless," maybe I'll call it "Pasta Mondays" (because, really, the point is to avoid effort, not to sit around for an hour stuffing peppers, clipping artichokes or cubing squash.) Yeah... that sounds friendly. Pasta Mondays. It's a step above "make it your damn self Mondays." 

So here we go, being all lazy carbon conscious. Sorry, Dear.


Darin said...

Fuck that hippie shit, there is a Jewel on the way home and they always have cans of SPAM I can fry up for me and the kids.

I will not participate in this.

misshum22 said...

Oh, he mad.

Eric said...

I agree with Darin. Lol

cath c said...

welcome to my world. every night.

Darin said...

FYI She made Meatloaf. With beef. It was fantastic.