01 February 2012

Workin’ It

I am about halfway through my workout challenges. I had some good weeks and some not-so-good weeks, days where I felt great about what I was doing and days where I simply couldn’t do one more squat. But if I screwed up, I just got back on the horse as soon as I could and kept going.  I am not precisely where I should be, but I am still in the game. And isn’t that the point?  Because if I listened to that voice in my head that says “I’m too tired” or “Not today” or “The whole week is screwed, just forget it, I don’t want to do this anymore” than I wouldn’t have done:

140 squats

55 push-ups


182 sit-ups

during my last workout.

My abs wouldn’t be as stiff, my arms would be bereft of budding biceps and my yoga pants wouldn’t feel clingy two inches above my knee. I wouldn’t feel optimistic about that tankini. I have about 3 more weeks left of this introductory phase, then I have to kick it up a notch. I’ll have to think about what that might entail. Any workout suggestions from my time-traveling peanut gallery?

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