16 January 2012

Good Girl Explains Dr. King

Good Girl: The white people didn’t want to get along with the black people and they got to use all the nice stuff and put up signs so the black people could only use the old stuff and the dirty stuff, like water fountains and old seats in restaurants.

Goblin Queen: (aghast) Why?

Good Girl: And the white people didn’t let the black people go to school until one day a black girl went into school.

Goblin Queen: That is terrible!

Good Girl: But Dr. King wanted all the white people and black people to be equal and he made a rule for them to be friends. But someone – a white guy – killed him because of it.

Goblin Queen: (horrified) Are white people evil?

Good Girl: No, but that guy just didn’t want to follow the rules.

Goblin Queen: Did white people really do that, mom?

Me: Yes, some of them did, but not all of them.

Good Girl: You know what we think of those people. I know what mommy would say.

Me: What would I say?

Good Girl: Can I say it?

Me: I don’t know, can you?

Good Girl: It is total B.S.!

Me: That it is dear, that it is.

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