01 February 2013

LiveFit: One Month In

Four weeks ago, frustrated by my SAHM rut, I started Jamie Eason's LiveFit program. It is a three month kickstart to what I hope will be my renewed fit lifestyle. The first month is Phase One and based on building muscle. 

I am eating a lot of lean protein and a veritable "fuckton" of vegetables, spaced out every 2-3 hours. I am taking a multivitamin, a flax oil supplement and a whey isolate shake post-workout. I am lifting weights 4-5 days a week. There are some modifications I've had to make as my budget does not allow access to a gym at the moment nor can I afford to eat as many turkey meatballs and eggs as Jamie suggests. Also, having a family with three kids, dinner is dinner. We have always eaten fairly clean, but I have to cook what budget and finicky eaters allow. I haven't followed the first phase perfectly, but I did my best.

Where I did well was the weight room. We have powerblocks, a few dumbells, a barbell, a pull up bar and an exercise ball that I use as a "bench." When Jamie said "failure" I lifted to failure. So where I couldn't follow the diet perfectly, I tried to make up for it by pushing myself during the workouts. 

So far, so good. No loss or gain of weight, but I have noticed my muscles have become quite solid. I have more energy than I did in the first week of January. Not in the wake up ready to attack the day kind of energy, but the kind that sustains me through an hour of dishes, as I scrub away, waiting for my tax return to buy a new dishwasher. Overall I am pleased with my progress. So pleased, in fact, I treated myself to a pair of affordable running shoes and some new workout attire from Old Navy. Woo, splurge.

Next week I am supposed to add cardio into the mix and supersets to the weight routine.  Phase two is also much more calorie-conscious. I expect to see a more dramatic change by the end of February. I'll post my update next month as well and then review the program as a whole when I'm done with it, or, so I don't jinx myself, I'll say IF I finish it. I think I will, though.

I'm psyched! 


cath c said...

go liz!

i'll just sit here with a bag of chips, a bowl of pasta, and a glass of wine until spring, and root you on.

EM Hum said...

LOL! Thanks, Cathy!

Anonymous said...

Post bikini pics before and after, you go, you can do it!!!

EM Hum said...

LOL, Anon! I know better than to put bikini pics on the internet. Ha ha

Adam said...

Don't know who the bikini psycho is, just want you to know it wasn't the guy from the previous couple posts.