05 November 2012

Why I'm Voting for Barack Obama (Again.)

I am voting for Barack Obama because climate change is real and it is anthropogenic. Without the stability of our planet, we have nothing. We are adrift in a vast vacuum, lost at sea. This Earth is our lifeboat and we are poking holes in it. Our life is so precious. Are we going to be the generation that snuffs it out to make quick money? Or are we going to figure out a way to save ourselves via science by swinging for the fences? At this point, the earth is about to tip into crisis. Swing Obama, swing. If we connect, we can revolutionize energy, create millions of jobs and save the world. That's my kind of America.

I am voting for Barack Obama because Health Care is vital to the well-being of civilized society and should be a right, not a privilege. To feel otherwise, to me, is morally wrong. Barack Obama completely overhauled our healthcare system to cover millions of uninsured Americans and make it affordable to the rest of us. Mitt Romney has no working plan for healthcare other than to dismantle progress (see his website). The most troubling part is having health care referred to as "entitlement." How can a party that is "pro-life" feel that ensuring it's quality after childbirth isn't worth protecting?

I am voting for Barack Obama because he will leave Roe v Wade alone. The issue isn't simply a moral quandary, as Mitt Romney seeks to have the law recognize that life begins at conception. This opens the door to fetal personhood rights, meaning a blastocyst is equal to its mother in the eyes of the law. IVF, stem cell research, and eventually contraception that is not a sperm barrier is at stake. If you want to reduce abortions, criminalization is not the way to go. Sexual education, birth control, contraception and health and social services is a better and more realistic angle. The process of life begins at conception, but do full rights begin there too? I think not.

I am voting for Barack Obama because treating all citizens fairly and equally under the law is the foundation of a "free country." Barack Obama understands that the effects of institutionalized racism, sexism and homophobia are still playing themselves out in 2012. In 1967, Marriage was deemed a "fundamental freedom" protected by the Constitution and states cannot deny an individual this basic right without 'exceedingly good reason.' The reasons for denial of this right to homosexuals are purely religious in nature. To amend the Constitution for religious belief is both terrifying and appalling to me, as a human being and as a defender of the separation of Church & State.

I am voting for Barack Obama because he's running a COUNTRY not a COMPANY. Profit is not everything when you are responsible for hundreds of millions of people. While the private sector is great for making money and innovation, the public sector bears the burden of the people's welfare. The two must coexist.We must participate in our government to make it work.

I am voting for Barack Obama because he put the brakes on our financial rocket to hell. He bargained with the Democrats who wanted to put stimulus into their pet programs, he bargained with the Republicans who scorched our earth to see him fail (yet all took the stimulus money as fast as they could) but he relied on Economists to tell him what to do. And I believe we would have been better off if congress never touched the Recovery Act. If you want someone to blame for slow growth, you can start with the preening, petulant jag-offs in our congress. They are the ones wielding that power.They are the reason we stagnate as much as we do.

I am voting for Barack Obama because he listens to the rest of the world and uses diplomatic means of solving problems. The rest of the world favors him as a President (except Pakistan). The way Mitt Romney spoke not only to the President, but especially to the moderators in the debates was downright disturbing. He's the kind of guy who thinks by talking the most forcefully, he'll get what he wants. I feel he's a little too eager to insult China and start, at the very least, a cold war with Iran. He has no place in the international ring outside of corporate contracts.

I am voting for Barack Obama because he saved us from financial meltdown, overhauled the healthcare system, fostered transparency, brought about Wall Street reform and consumer protection, advanced civil rights, made the rest of the world like us again, has done more for our soldiers and to care for our veterans than Bush ever did, strengthened our national security and pushed science, technology and education forward. Yeah, he did all that, to name a few things. And the deficit has gone down 8% to boot.

I am voting for Barack Obama because I believe in the United States of America, as a whole country.We could be amazing, we can solve the issues of climate change, we can create new green energy industry, high speed rail means jobs. While I understand everything I want isn't going to happen during any presidency (and why should it? I am only one person among the hundreds of millions who also have a voice), I believe an Obama administration can take us the next evolutionary step forward into a clean, healthy and fair society.

With that, this will be my last political post for a while. Depending on what happens after tomorrow,  it could be my last political post until 2013. (Note: I didn't say my last political tweet!) I'm going to bring the TARDIS back to where she used to be, a little more fun and a little less... political. 

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