12 November 2012

Misfits : On Hulu

We discovered Misfits last summer on Hulu and I can say it is the funniest f*cking show I've seen in a really long time, if ever. It centers around a group of, you guessed it,  misfits, who show up for community service on the day of a bad electrical storm. They get zapped and acquire super powers, though not all of them get the cool kind. With great power comes great hi jinx of a sharp and dark comedic nature, as they get tangled up in murder and secrets and all kinds of tawdry trysts. 

A true rarity, this show has gone through two major cast changes and manages to work just as well with each new character. Just when you think, "Hmmmm... this is going to be different..." it just keeps getting better and better. Far from a simple black comedy, this show is infinitely clever.

Misfits is very racy and very much adult. I do not recommend this show for kids, or even teens for that matter. But I do recommend it for you. It's free on Hulu. Catch up to the 4th season and discuss.

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Bob Nelson said...

I second this recommendation wholeheartedly