04 June 2012

Working Out, "Busy Moms" Style.

This is Jennifer Nicole Lee. She has squat-thrusted herself into stardom in the fitness circuit recently. Though I've seen the "before" shots of the supposed dumpy, frumpy mom she used to be, I remain skeptical this was ever the case. Yet, when searching bodybuilding.com for my new routine, I chose her "busy moms" fusion circuit. I want to ease back into things with a short program before Jamie Eason starts kicking my ass via her 45 minute weightlifting routines. But I am jumping ahead of myself; if anything, I have to make it through these first four weeks.

She has four circuit programs available. For those of you unacquainted with fitness jargon, a circuit is when you burn through a set of many different exercises (say lunges,then jumping jacks, then squats and curls), take a short break and then repeat the process with a second and third set, unlike performing one exercise at a time. Instead of doing the Busy Mom Fusion Circuit over and over again until I am bored silly, I am going to do all her circuits in rotation: one every other day. This will take four weeks. And so I don't have a heart attack going from zero to plyometric princess in a week, I will be doing one set the first week, two sets the second and hopefully building up to the full three sets for my last two weeks. 

We'll see. To be honest, I am terrified as to what sad shape I will find myself in. I am already cringing, thinking of how bad my lungs are going to burn and how painful the revolting of my muscles will be. And the worst part? My only free block of time is 3PM. That's SNT (standard nap time). I don't nap, but that's when I start shutting down for the day. It's going to be a sheer test of will to so much as start this program, so hopefully my public declaration will motivate me not to quit. That and a 2PM cup of coffee. 

I'll  let you know how it was in four weeks.


K's-mind said...

good luck!

me? i'm pulling up a lot of weeds and woman-handling big shovels and bags of mulch.

and a bellydance class.

cath c said...

oops, was signed in as my son.

misshum22 said...

Lol - you just ruined his cred.

misshum22 said...

Day one: two lessons. Ouch. And I can't jump rope.