15 June 2012

On TV Marathons and Battlestar Gallactica

This is how the Viking and I watch shows. Not like these amateurs, we have been throwing down a television series gauntlet since the days of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Every time I was pregnant we were either listening to the Harry Potter books, or watching old Dr. Who, Lost and Farscape. Hell, we tore through the entire Stargate franchise while I was gestating Wolfman. I am talking SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and SGU from May to October. (That's 17 years of TV, if you're not impressed.) It's what we like to do - lie around naked, order takeout and hash out interstellar possibilities and politics. Now that we have kids, we keep our clothes on and we can't afford takeout anymore, but the need for a new story is a permanent drive we share.  

Battlestar Galactica was our last marathon, as a matter of fact. And the show is that good. The acting is superb. The themes are transcendent. The main love story brought a tear to my eye. There were layers of intrigue. Then they must've smoked a little too much weed one night in the writers' room, jammed someone's favorite stoner song into the plot and spilled the big bag of dicks which became the last episode. SPOILER ALERT: The show seemed so intelligent, it kept us wondering about the nature of a predetermined eternity, it questioned what makes us human or machine and why we have to distinguish the two. It was progressive and real and thoughtful. It seemed like it was going to explain the nature of prophecy, or at least have a clever angle on the notion. But instead of being clever, it was as if they didn't know where to go from that point, so they said, "well, I guess technology is too crazy, moves too fast, let's just shoot it all into the sun and be done with it, " then added, "oh, by the way, that Starbuck problem? Mystical angel. Yep, solved. No more pesky questions." They cut with Number Six and Gaius musing on how history always repeats itself, ain't that some shit? It was as if this super juggernaut of science fiction suddenly became a superstitious cave newt. The show reached so high, only to say, "Meh, science and technology bad, Angels and ghosts good." A little mumbo jumbo to close and you'll think we blew your mind. I can't stress enough how good the show was, up until the harried finale. What happened? 

As long as we're asking, I would like another episode, too. Except not one to continue the lame ending, one to replace it. 


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