02 March 2012

Broke Ass Tip: One Condiment to Rule Them All.


Four words: Good Seasons Salad Dressing. Yes, my friends, this fantastic condiment does it all. It’s a marinade. It goes well on sweet or savory salads. Its excellent on a sandwich. Maybe you don’t want to baste your ribs in it or put it on a burger, but it is incredibly flexible.

You’ve seen it before, in the salad dressing aisle, with it’s cute little carafe. All you do is fill with balsalmic to the V line, add a splash of water to the W line, olive oil up to the O line and shake it up. (Letting it sit for a few hours before use is a good idea.) You don’t even have to refrigerate it. Why buy 30 different $5 bottles of marinades and dressings when you only need one?

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