08 February 2012

Unfettered Will Fare the Fenris Wolf

I remember when you were my itty-bitty “baby Karl.”

6369911897_43164b253e_zAnd now you’re so much more.

You’re my little


Captain Slaps,

Lord Bunsnballs,


Sugar Dumpling,

Sugar Dumps,

‘Sug Dump,’

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar,

Googles McDougals,

and Lil’ Cockblocker.

You’re my special little guy.

And your boogers are full of sugar.


Happy birthday, Wolfman.

Momma loves you ever so.


cath c said...

happy birthday, big guy! grrrrr.

Darin said...

I love my Little Buddy

LES said...

Time never passes so quickly as when you look at your children. Don't blink! Love to all.