04 January 2012

Is it 2012 Already?

I must say, 2011 was a challenging, but productive year. We had a painful death, a lot of drama and doctor visits and various relatives clinging to life in hospital beds, but we all managed to pull through. I had a million things go wrong with me and I don’t remember ever in my life being as consistently stressed-out as I was last year. 2011 was a bear.

But, looking back, I don’t feel so bad about the year itself. Wolfman was born and I published a book. A short book, indeed, but a book nonetheless. And even crazier than that – some people bought it! Also, in the very last days of the year, Wolfman was weaned from breast to cup, taking a huge weight off my chest both literally and emotionally. I guess I feel that as long as the stress is out of sight, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s over. We’ve moved on. I was going to write the obligatory yearly-roundup last week, but I was too sick and now I just don’t care anymore because we’re in 2012 already. What’s the point of looking back? There are new things to do.

I am feeling pretty good about the future.

Some of you may notice some small differences around here. I have gotten rid of my old archives. That may upset some of you, but this site isn’t as small and personal as it used to be. Don’t fret, a new tag cloud will be coming soon and we’ll build up some new archives together.

I have some new series coming up, whereas I actually try to work my tired body out and cook things on a broke-ass budget. I will be writing a real novel this winter and spring. In the meantime, I am sure my children will keep providing you with entertainment and awesome quotes.

Any books I review will be posted on goodreads – feel free to friend me and we can share reviews!

I’ll also be tweeting here and there – follow me on twitter if you’re so inclined.

Soon enough, I’ll even be on facebook again and you will all be sick of me.

But until you are sick of me, please stick around. I still intend on entertaining at least a handful of you this year. I’m late out of the gates and off to a slow start, but nothing ever goes as planned. Here’s to hoping it goes better.

Cheers & good fortune in 2012!


heathernull said...

I'm really looking forward to your posts about getting in shape and cooking on a budget -- both of these things occupy quite a bit of my time and I'm always curious about how other people pull it off.

The blog looks great, btw. Good luck for 2012!

misshum22 said...

You too, Heather - get to tweaking your zombie story... let's do this!